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"3 Blind Saints" is a 90-minute comedy/drama feature film starring Richard Speight, Jr., Barry Corbin and Irma P. Hall. The film has the Dove seal of approval for family viewing.

This is the tale of three bumbling con men assigned community service at a church after a run-in with the local sheriff. Hilarity breaks out as the irreligious trio fakes their sacred duties.

Deception deepens when "Sam" (Richard Speight, Jr.) gets involved with "Rusty Pickens" (Barry Corbin) to steal church funds. His faulty attempts to romance "Tiffany" (Audrey Matos) fall flat, as she doesn't believe a word he says.

A crisis of the heart occurs as Sam and his buddies begin to actually like the people they have been cheating. In spite of all the lies and religious quackery, "Sister Louise" (Irma P. Hall) believes that good can come from the most unlikely people. Can her love and wisdom hold them all together? And could it be that the blind might just turn out to be the saints after all?

  • 800+ viewers at a red carpet premiere in Kansas City.
  • Sold out theatrical screenings in Kansas City, Nashville and Los Angeles.
  • Strong international fan base in the United States, United Kingdom, Greece, France, Germany, Poland, Finland, Holland, Canada, and South Africa.

Brad Wilson - Producer

Producer Brad Wilson is an award-winning film producer, heading up Robert Duvall's production company and working with top Hollywood actors and directors since 1985.

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